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4 Reasons to Keep Your Kid’s Teeth Healthy

4 Reasons to Keep Your Kid’s Teeth Healthy

Baby teeth are the smaller, temporary teeth that begin to appear around one year of age. You may not think that promoting healthy teeth for kids is a priority; however, nothing could be further from the truth. A child’s healthy teeth are essential for a lifetime of health, wellness, and happiness. Here’s why:

Start Proper Oral Habits Early

Starting your child off on the right foot begins before their first tooth erupts. Milk and formula contain lactose sugars, and leaving these sugars on your child’s gums can lead to bacteria growth. When your child is a baby, begin gently wiping their gums with a soft, warm cloth. This removes the bacteria and helps start their oral health right away.

You probably know by now that healthy teeth for kids means children should be brushing their teeth twice per day, for a full two minutes each day. When they’re old enough, they also need to floss between their teeth to ensure all food particles and bacteria are removed. When they’re older still, they can add a mouthwash to their routine for an even deeper clean.

Starting these proper oral habits when your child is young means they’re more likely to continue them into adulthood. Having healthy teeth for kids lays the groundwork for maintaining healthy teeth when they become adults.

Start Proper Dietary Habits Early

Similar to habits we learn, our dietary preferences are shaped even in infancy, and a good diet is an essential part of oral health.

Diets high in sugar, especially sugary drinks like sodas or foods like candy, are directly linked to cavities, even with proper oral hygiene habits. Limiting these options is a perfect way to help keep kids’ teeth healthy.

Even fruit juices and milk are high in sugar, and should be limited. At the very least, ensure your child rinses their mouth after consuming these beverages, and at best, encourage them to brush after about 30 minutes.

Building a foundation of healthy foods shapes your child’s tastes and habits, and that will serve them well later on in life. It can even lead to a reduction of diseases like type 2 diabetes, thus improving your child’s health long after they grow.

Baby Teeth Hold Space for Adult Teeth

So, why are healthy teeth for kids so important? First, they enable your child to eat, smile, and speak correctly. Not taking care of baby teeth can lead to functional and aesthetic complications that make life very difficult for your little one.

They can experience pain, difficulty swallowing, or difficulty chewing. If your child’s teeth aren’t healthy, they can darken or crack. That can cause pain and sensitivity, or even leave your child embarrassed to talk, smile, or laugh. These physical and visual issues can cause extreme stress for your child, so take care of their baby teeth as much as you can.

Additionally, baby teeth hold space in the jaw for adult teeth. Healthy teeth for kids means healthy teeth for adults. If baby teeth become damaged or they lose them early, their adult teeth might not come in correctly. This can lead to painful and costly procedures to correct the issue.

Avoid Costly Health Bills

Speaking of costly procedures, not keeping your child’s teeth healthy can cost you, literally. From cavities to fillings to root canals and more, there are so many procedures that can be prevented by simply maintaining proper oral hygiene.

Keeping healthy teeth for kids and avoiding expensive emergency treatments is easy. Make sure they follow the proper oral habits outlined above, and make an appointment for them to visit the dentist at least every six months.

These regular dental visits not only provide a deep, thorough clean, but can also spot potential problems before they become emergency issues. Regular X-rays, inspections, and fluoride treatments go a long way toward a child’s healthy teeth.

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