Preventative Dental Services

Preventative Dental Services in Las Vegas

The best way to ensure that your child has a lifetime of good oral health is to prevent problems before they have a chance to occur. At Children’s Dentistry, we offer preventative dental services in the Las Vegas area, including the following services:

Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride is a mineral that helps strengthen tooth enamel. Fluoride treatments can help prevent tooth decay and cavities, and they can be administered two to four times per year. Your child can start getting fluoride treatments as soon as their first tooth appears.

Dental Cleanings

Along with brushing, children’s dental services are the most important part of keeping their teeth healthy, particularly teeth cleaning. Before cleaning your child’s teeth, their dentist will check for any problems like plaque or cavities. Any plaque that they find will be removed, and the dentist will also scrape the teeth to remove any tartar, which is hardened, built-up plaque.

The dentist will then clean your child’s using a motorized brush with toothpaste. Often, as part of preventative dental services in Las Vegas, we will take X-rays of their teeth to make sure that there are no other underlying issues.

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are used to prevent tooth decay once children start getting their permanent adult teeth. Adult teeth contain pits and fissures where food can get caught, and these can cause tooth decay. Dental sealants are used to fill in those gaps to prevent any tooth decay. This is why this procedure is among the most important preventive dental services.

Kids Under Three

The process of applying dental sealants is simple and painless. First, your child’s dentist will clean their teeth. Then, they will apply an acid etch, apply bonding, and finally apply the sealant to the teeth. The end result is a tooth that has a sort of plastic seal over it. Over the course of a few months, the seal will fade, but the sealant will remain in the teeth.

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