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The Age Range for a Pediatric Dentist

The Age Range for a Pediatric Dentist

When should my child see the pediatric dentist for the first time? Until what age do pediatric dentists provide services? These are just a few of the questions we’re asked on a regular basis here at Children’s Dentistry of Las Vegas. Both parents and their children are often anxious about the age range of a pediatric dentist, and the questions we often hear reflect than anxiety.

At Children’s Dentistry, we don’t want you to be anxious. Quite the opposite! We want both parent and young patient to feel comfortable the moment they walk through our doors. Because of this, we’ve compiled a short list of concerns we often hear about the age range of pediatric dentists.

Isn’t It Easier To Take My Child To A Family Dentist?

Having your whole family receive dental services under the same roof may sound alluring at first. Inevitably, it would be easier to synchronize appointments when everyone sees the same dentist. Also, this solves the problem of confusion about until what age do pediatric dentists provide services, since the family dentist can see young and elderly alike.

Although this may sound advantageous, your best option is to have your child seen by a pediatric dentist. There are several important reasons for this:

  • Specialized training: Every licensed dentist has graduated from dental school, and is qualified to do dental work. However, when you don’t take your child to a pediatric dentist, you do them a disservice. Why is that? Because pediatric dentists typically undergo a minimum of two additional years of training to work with children. Your child will reap the benefits of the pediatric dentist’s additional skills and expertise.
  • An expert staff: At a pediatric dentist’s office, every staff member is equipped to help children feel comfortable. As young children may feel especially vulnerable when they visit the dentist, each staff member has been trained to help young patients feel happy and safe during a stressful time.
  • Comforting offices: A family dentist’s office is set up specifically for all ages to feel comfortable. Although an older person may be interested in Readers Digest or Field and Stream, it’s unlikely your child will! A pediatric dentist understands the age range of their patients, and offices are set up accordingly. Walls are bright and cheerful, the lobby has games and toys, and the entire practice will be inviting to young children and teenagers alike.

In the end, having your child visit any family dentist may be easier, but it’s not the best choice for your child.

How Young Can Can My Child Be To Visit A Pediatric Dentist?

The best time to start your child at a pediatric dentist is on their very first visit! When your child’s first tooth erupts from the gums (usually around six months of age), call your pediatric dentist within the next six months to schedule baby’s first appointment. Although to some parents, this may seem too soon, you want your child to start their infant oral care as early as possible.

Parents sometimes forget that an infant’s first visit to the pediatric dentist is as much for them as it is for their child! Not only will your pediatric dentist check baby teeth that have already popped out, but they’ll also help you as a parent helpful tips to give your infant excellent care at home. The dentist will review infant tooth brushing techniques, as well as highlighting good all-around oral care habits to begin with your child.

Are Teenagers Too Old For Pediatric Dentistry?

When considering the age range of a pediatric dentist, teenagers often wonder when they will be too old to go to their pediatric dentist. Until what age do pediatric dentists see their patients before they recommend transitioning to a traditional dentist?

Interestingly enough, there is no set age for when a young person is no longer allowed to visit a pediatric dentist. Although most patients move to a traditional dentist practice by age 18, we also have patients who see us through their college years as well. The decision about the age range of any pediatric dentist is typically made by the desire and comfort of the patient.

How Do We Know When It’s Time To Make The Transition?

Each child is different, so the decision to move from their pediatric dentist is one that should be entirely up to them. Some teenagers decide to leave their pediatric dentistry practice during their mid-teens. Often times, they start to feel awkward getting treatment around so many younger children. For children who have an excellent rapport with the dentist and their staff, they may not feel any desire to leave so soon.

If your child starts to feel uncomfortable visiting the pediatric dentist, have an open conversation with them about their feelings. Also, encourage your child to ask their dentist any questions that might be on their mind. In the end, a good dentist wants the very best for every patient, so they’ll encourage them to make the decision that makes them feel most comfortable.

Pediatric Dentistry At Children’s Dentistry

No matter what your thoughts about the age range of a pediatric dentist, we want you to know that your child is always welcome at Children’s Dentistry. We have ten friendly locations in the Las Vegas area, and we’d love to help your child develop and maintain a beautiful, healthy smile.

Best of all, our practice offers family dentistry exclusively for parents and guardians of our young patients. Yes, you read that correctly! Children’s Dentistry actually combines the best of both pediatric and family dentistry. Your family can all get oral care under the same roof, all while your child gets expert pediatric dental care.

Don’t worry about the age range of our pediatric dentist office! You’re all welcome at Children’s Dentistry! Contact us today to schedule your next appointment.