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Dental Health Symptoms to Watch for with Kids

Dental Health Symptoms to Watch for with Kids

One of the most important things you can do for your child’s oral health is to ensure that they get a full cleaning and exam every six months at the pediatric dentist. These preventative visits are vital for many reasons, and one of the most important of those reasons is that the dentist can catch any dental symptoms that might be taking adversely affecting your child. Through this semi-annual exam, the pediatric dentist will ensure that any potential issues are addressed before they become a real problem.

However, what if your kids complain of dental health symptoms in between their regular checkups? Would you know what to look for? What would you do?

Children’s Dentistry is the trusted choice in the Las Vegas metro area for pediatric dentistry. Our team takes great pride in educating both children and parents alike, giving them the tools they need to ensure each patient has a bright smile for many years to come. Consider these six dental symptoms to watch out for in your child:

1. Bad Breath

One of the most common kids dental health symptoms is chronic bad breath. If your child is suffering from halitosis, your first reaction may be to simply buy them mouthwash. Although this can temporarily help the situation, it doesn’t address the root problem of what’s causing the bad breath in the first place. Possible causes of bad breath are:

  • Poor brushing/no brushing: Your child may say they’re brushing, but the old saying is true: “trust, but verify.” Ensure that they’re brushing their teeth twice a day for at least two minutes each time.
  • Dirty tongue: Yes, cleaning your tongue is important, particularly in regards to dealing with bad breath. Teach your child to clean their tongue using the tongue cleaner typically found on the back of the head of their toothbrush.
  • Lack of flossing: Sometimes, the dental symptoms of bad breath can be attributed to a lack of flossing. Make sure your child is flossing between each of their teeth. Occasionally, it’s easier for children to floss if they use a dental floss pick.

If better oral hygiene doesn’t cure their halitosis, the pediatric dentist will need to investigate the root cause further.

2. Toothache

If your child is complaining of a toothache, they could simply be losing a tooth. However, it’s also possible that they’re dealing with a cavity. Sometimes, a quick look at the mouth will let you know which is the case. If you see a cavity, if your child continues to complain about a toothache for several days, or if the pain gets progressively worse, you should schedule a consultation so they can be checked by their pediatric dentist. It’s possible that they’ll need a composite filling to remedy the issue.

3. Dry Mouth

At first blush, dry mouth may not seem like one of the dental symptoms you need to be overly concerned about. However, a mouth that lacks proper moisture can cause a host of problems. We need saliva to wash away food particles and bacteria, and when the mouth is dry, this natural defense is taken away. If your child constantly complains about having a dry mouth, take it seriously. Your child’s pediatric dentist will help you pinpoint the underlying problem and offer potential solutions.

4. Sensitivity To Hot And Cold

Strong enamel protects teeth from the effects of hot or cold items that come in contact with our teeth. If your child complains when they drink hot chocolate or eat ice cream, there’s a deeper issue that should be identified. There could be a multitude of reasons for sensitivity, including a fractured tooth, receding gums that expose nerve endings, or a weak spot in the enamel. If your child has dental symptoms that include tooth sensitivity, it’s time to give your child’s pediatric dentist a call.

5. Sore, Bleeding Gums

Your gums are quite tough and resilient, so when they’re constantly sore or bleeding, you should pay close attention to this kids dental health symptom. There could be reasons such as:

  • Brushing too hard: In your child’s zeal to brush their teeth, they may actually be brushing their teeth too hard. Make sure they are using a soft bristled brush and ensure that they are making firm, but controlled strokes as they brush.
  • Flossing incorrectly: If your child is too rough when they floss, they can cause the gums to rub raw. Again, take time to teach your child the correct technique to safeguard their gums from any issues.
  • Gingivitis: Over time, plaque buildup can cause this disease of the gums. Sore, bleeding gums may be dental symptoms of this serious condition, so check with your child’s pediatric dentist if your child is using the correct brushing and flossing procedures.

6. Stained Teeth

A child’s teeth should be clean and white. When they’re not, it can be a sign of poor oral care. Also, there are several types of antibiotics that can stain teeth if they’re used for a long period of time. When kids have dental health symptoms like stained or yellow teeth, there’s little you can do at home to make a dramatic difference. Your child’s pediatric dentist can offer safe, effective whitening treatments if all of their permanent teeth are in place.

Check Dental Symptoms At Children’s Dentistry

If your child is complaining of these, or any other symptoms, don’t wait and extend their suffering. Instead, schedule a consultation with their pediatric dentist for a full exam and explanation of treatment options.

If you live in the greater Las Vegas area, you’ve got one of the premier kid’s dentists right in your backyard: Children’s Dentistry. We’re your most convenient option; we even have appointments available on Saturday’s. Not only do we have a location nearby, but we have a highly skilled staff of smiling faces who are eager to help your child feel their very best. We also accept Nevada Medicaid, as well as most other forms of dental insurance.

Don’t ignore the dental symptoms your child has been complaining about! Contact us today at Children’s Dental to set up your consultation.