Children’s Dentistry Reviews & Testimonials

At Children’s Dentistry, our team takes great pride in providing you and your family with the best possible care. That’s why we’re always welcoming honest dentistry reviews and testimonials from our patients. You can read some of those reviews on this page to better understand the quality of service and type of environment we strive for at each of our 10 locations throughout the Las Vegas area.

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“Doctor was able to look at my case and educate me on what is recommended. It’s hard to find someone that I can trust, all staff members were able to do so. All while making me feel comfortable during my appointment. Would recommend to my family and friends!”

Dan G.

“Everyone was welcoming, accommodating and informative. I was able to see the doctor on my scheduled time slot! Thank you doctor and staff for giving me a warm welcome.”

Sally W.

“I only have great things to say about the office and staff. They listened to my issue and were able to suggest the best of procedures to me. I’m glad that I’ve made my appointment.”

John Q.

“Very accommodating, organized and thorough.”


“Experience. Experience. Experience. I value doctors that have the best knowledge and most experience in their field. From my first appointment, I was impressed from the receptionist to the highly skilled doctor. Never has an appointment been disappointing.”

Bruce S.

“The receptionist was very accommodating as I did not have much availability for appointments. They were able to take me in with late notice. I’m happy that there was ample parking!”

Jennifer L.

Our Team Cares

Our pediatric dental team, headed by Dr. Steven DeLisle and Dr. Ben Salar, is committed to offering the highest quality pediatric and family dental services and orthodontic treatment to our patients in Las Vegas and across Nevada. From our reception desk to the dental chair, our goal is to create a fun, welcoming environment and form a positive relationship between your child and the dentist that will last a lifetime.

We Love to Hear From You

We love to hear feedback from our patients, whether it’s a story about your positive experience that you would like to share or ways in which we could improve. If you’d like to leave us a dentistry review or testimonial, fill out the form on this page. Who knows? We may even publish it on our site!