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Soothing Teething Remedies for Babies

Soothing Teething Remedies for Babies

Your little one is teething, and it’s both a milestone to be celebrated as well as a struggle to manage. We know soothing a teething baby can be tough. That’s why we’ve put together this list of tried-and-true ways to help your child get through this stage.

Cool a Metal Spoon

One of the most classic ways to help your child their teething is to refrigerate a metal spoon and press it to their gums. The cold helps to gently numb the pain. Make sure not to use a spoon frozen in the freezer! The refrigerator will bring the spoon to just the right temperature.

Cool a Wash Cloth

A similar teething remedy for babies is to wet and refrigerate a washcloth. The cooling sensation works the same way as a metal spoon. However, a washcloth is softer and more chew-friendly. Gently press the washcloth against their gums, or let them suck and chew. Be sure to watch them the whole time, as the cloth could become a choking hazard if left unattended.

Massage their Face/Gums


Soothing a teething baby can be as simple as gently massaging their face or gums. With a clean finger or wet piece of fabric, gently rub your baby’s gums. You can also try gently massaging their cheeks. Some children won’t like this baby teething remedy, so monitor your child closely for signs of discomfort.

Chill Fruit in a Mesh Feeder

Mesh feeders are small pouches attached to a pacifier-like ring. If your child is eating solid foods, chill or freeze some fruit and put it in the mesh feeder. The cool fruit will help soothe their gums as they chew. Plus, it’s a healthy snack your child will enjoy.

Try Teething Products

There are dozens of products designed as teething remedies for babies. They come in the form of gloves your baby wears to chew on, teething rings, bottles you can freeze, and more. These products can help soothe a teething baby. However, depending on the design, they can also pose choking hazards. Do careful research before giving a teething product to your child. The ADA recommends products made of solid rubber and to avoid plastic or liquid-filled toys.

Use these Ideas in the Bath

Warm water can help relax your baby and the bathroom can provide a change of scenery to help take their mind off their discomfort. Add any of the above teething remedies for babies to double up on the soothing. Err on the side of chilled but not frozen items to avoid large temperature differences between their mouths and bodies.

Consult Your Pediatric Dentist

If none of the above remedies is soothing your teething baby and you live in the Las Vegas area, get in touch with us. Our number one mission is to provide a safe, welcoming experience at the dentist for your child. We provide the highest quality care possible and want to make sure your little one’s teeth come in healthy.