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Should You Ask for Laughing Gas for Your Child at the Dentist?

Should You Ask for Laughing Gas for Your Child at the Dentist?

Trips to the dentist can be scary, especially for small children. At Children’s Dentistry of Las Vegas, we do everything we can to make your child comfortable. From our warm, kid-friendly office to our welcoming staff, we strive to make your child’s time in our care as enjoyable as possible.

These efforts extend to the use of anesthetics, including laughing gas. Let’s take a look at when you should — and shouldn’t — ask for laughing gas for your kid’s dental procedure.

What is Laughing Gas and What Does it Do?

Laughing gas is a compound called nitrous oxide. It comes as a colorless, nonflammable gas. Child dentists use laughing gas to anesthetize and mildly sedate their patients for a smoother, less anxiety-ridden experience.

Laughing gas is completely harmless, and produces a mild euphoric effect. Your child will be awake and aware during the procedure, but they’ll also be relaxed and calm about their visit. They may not clearly remember their procedure, and some children can possibly fall asleep, forgetting what happened during their time in the dentist’s chair.

When You Should Ask for Laughing Gas

If your child is extremely anxious or upset about their upcoming visit to the dentist, laughing gas may help. The relaxation and euphoric effects ease anxiety and help nervous children feel calm.

Ask your child’s dentist about their professional experience using nitrous oxide; they should have specific training in dental anesthesia for children. They will monitor your child throughout the entire procedure, to ensure their safety.

Additionally, if your child is content about their visit but particularly squirmy, has trouble sitting still for long periods, or has special needs, these are all situations in which you should ask your child’s dentist about using laughing gas. It can help more than just anxious kids.

When You Should Avoid Laughing Gas

Nitrous oxide is safe for almost all children. But If your child has a respiratory issue like chronic lung infection, a cold or other breathing problems, laughing gas might not be the best solution. Be sure to consult with your dentist and your child’s primary care provider before proceeding with laughing gas.

Trust Children’s Dentistry of Las Vegas

Our team has board-certified dental anesthesiologists and years of experience treating thousands of children. We care deeply about your child’s safety, as well as their emotional and mental wellbeing. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and discuss laughing gas options with your child’s dentist.