Pulpal Therapy and Crowns

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Pulpal therapy is like a root canal for kids. In Las Vegas, Children’s Dentistry performs pulpal therapy to treat and preserve a child’s natural tooth that has been affected by either injury or tooth decay.

Does Your Child Need Pulpal Therapy?

The soft tissue inside the tooth is called the pulp. When a tooth becomes damaged or decayed, the pulp may be exposed to bacteria, causing infection and pain.

Some symptoms of a tooth with infected pulp include:

  • Chronic or frequent toothaches
  • Swelling of the gums, cheeks, or face
  • Difficulty chewing or biting food
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold beverages
  • Fever

To determine if your child needs to undergo pulp therapy, you’ll want to schedule an appointment at one of our greater Las Vegas area offices. Our expert team of dentists will be able to quickly diagnose if pulpal therapy is necessary.

Your Dentist in Las Vegas for Root Canals

With pulpal therapy, we can remove the infected pulp instead of extracting the entire tooth. Your child may utilize sedation dentistry for the procedure, and then the treatment site will be numbed to prevent discomfort. The dentist will remove the diseased pulp and clean the canals of the tooth. The pulp is then replaced with a therapeutic material. The last step is to cap the repaired tooth with a kids dental crown to protect it and make it look just like the rest of the teeth in the mouth.

No Need For Worry At Children’s Dentistry

When children (and their parents!) hear words like “root canal” and “dental crowns,” they often conjure up unfriendly images. At Children’s Dentistry, we understand that many children are hesitant to have pulpal therapy. This is why we strive to be the most comforting pediatric dentist for root canals in Las Vegas.

From an infant’s first dental appointment and onward, we specialize in making children feel comfortable when they’re in the dentist’s chair. You can trust that Children’s Dentistry has the skill and expertise to ensure that your child’s pulpal therapy is a success. Whether your child needs a root canal, dental sealants, Invisalign clear plastic aligners, or any other procedure, your child will always be treated with the respect and thoughtfulness they deserve.

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