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Dental Sealants

Las Vegas Children’s Dentistry encourages children to have dental sealants placed on permanent adult teeth. Within 6 months of erupting adult molars can become decayed in the pits and fissures of the tooth. This is because pits and fissures allow bacteria a perfect hiding place to grow and eventually turn sugar into acid. The acidic…

Composite Fillings (Tooth-Colored Fillings) for Children

Tooth decay is a common disease in young children. At Children’s Dentistry of Las Vegas, we use several filling materials to correct dental decay. One option is a tooth colored filling material called composite. This material matches the tooth color, provides a bond to the enamel, is hard, and insulates the tooth. It is a…

Infant Oral Care

A lifetime of good oral health begins during the first stages of life even before the first teeth emerge. Parents who are well-educated in children’s dental health can more adequately ensure that a child’s oral care needs are met. From an early age, pediatric dentists serve as partners in oral health and prevention, answering questions and providing helpful information about teething and at-home oral care.

Dental Surgery Center For Our Patients

Sedation helps ensure that pediatric dental visits provide young patients with a comfortable experience and effective results. Often, children are intimidated by dental visits or otherwise unable to sit still during exams and treatments for extended periods of time. Sedation helps minimize anxiety and relax children during dental visits – all under the safe supervision…

Pulpal Therapy and Crowns for Children

Pulpal therapy is a pediatric dental treatment used to treat and preserve a child’s natural tooth that has been affected by an injury or tooth decay. The pulp is soft tissue located inside the teeth. When a tooth becomes damaged or decayed, the pulp may be exposed to bacteria, causing infection and pain. Rather than…