Types of Dental Fears, Causes and Solutions

Pediatric Dental Check Up

Cotton white and well-shaped teeth plus a bright smile make you inviting to others. Undoubtedly, the need for dentists has increased rapidly as a result of urbanization and creation of jobs that require a warm personality and a beautiful face. Jobs like Salesperson, actors, performers, artists and even managers require a tidy appearance and to look neat and tidy, having a presentable set of teeth is indispensable.

Unfortunately, not everyone has a high tolerance for pain. The worst nightmare of some is paying the dentist a visit for consultation to learn if their teeth are healthy or not. While a handful is only fearful of the dentist, a host of others could be phobic or anxious. In fact, according to statistics, it was revealed that dentists are the most feared type of doctors.

Patients are categorized into three levels of dental fear after evaluation by dentists. They include:

1. A Fearful Patient

These are those that possess a normal emotion that is required to raise their sense of response in the face of a threat.

2. An Anxious Patient

They are patients that possess a kind of dental fear with the expectation that something unpleasant is going to happen to them when it may not even be (close to) possible to occur in the real sense.

3. A Phobic Patient

This third category of patient involves those that have an overwhelming kind of dental fear. This thus makes them stay away from any activity related to dental care or health even though it is of their best interest.

In reality, everyone is fearful of the dentist. However, our level of fear differs. The primary cause of dental fear is explained below:

Once having a Bad Experience with a dentist.

Patients with dental fear might have personally experienced or have a loved one that once had an unpleasant experience with a dentist. This becomes registered in their mind and become difficult to clear off. The pain they once had, or the experience of their loved one makes them have a perception that all dentists are the same.

Like other fears, dental fear is also registered in the mind. So the best way to overcome it via psychological means that will help remove the fear from your mind. However, this method is not always a hundred percent solution to this fear. It will only make you realize that the dental fear you nurse is illogical since we have sedation dentists that can help you carry out any procedure needed to be done on your teeth without feeling any pain.

The next solution is to try to make comfort at dental care. We all know that undergoing dental checks and procedures can be scary at times especially in children: thus unleashing fear in them. To overcome this fear, it is best to re-learn the experiences which are prevalent among kids. This can be through conducting necessary checkups where the dentist uses a mirror to examine the teeth, and if the child doesn’t show any signs of fear and objections, he can go a little bit invasive.

Lastly, to overcome this fear, ensure you are in control during examination by the dentist. This involves letting the dentist know when you are comfortable during the procedure. It is of utmost importance that you communicate with the dentist so that he’ll know your state. So that if you get nervous or anxious at any situation, he can stop proceeding or device another method to ensure you don’t feel any pain.

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