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At Children’s Dentistry of Las Vegas, we know that education is a key component of a child’s overall health. An ounce of prevention truly is worth more than a pound of cure. By teaching both parents and children the fundamentals of good dental care and hygiene, we can help prevent some of the common kids’ dental issues and help ensure healthy smiles for life!

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Our blog is a place where our expert staff can guide our patients and their families, providing education and advice on a host of dental issues. Each of our doctors are accredited in their field of expertise, and you’ll find their posts to be both enlightening and entertaining. All of our staff members are invested in helping children have the best possible outcomes when it comes to their dental health, and this passion comes through in every post you’ll find on our blog.

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Children’s Dentistry of Las Vegas is the gold standard for pediatric dentistry in the greater Las Vegas area. Our ten locations are quickly accessible to anyone in the metro area, and we have late night and Saturday appointments available to help parents with their busy schedules. We proudly accept Medicaid, as well as many other insurance plans. If you have questions, contact our caring and compassionate staff by calling (702) 425-1371 or emailing us at

Pediatric Dentistry Articles

Thumb Sucking Remedies

Babies are born with a natural sucking reflex. For the first few months of their life, babies can find it comforting to suck on fingers or pacifiers. While this behavior is harmless at first, prolonged sucking habits that extend into preschool years can cause long-term oral complications in your child. Luckily, there are effective thumb…

Why are Baby Teeth Important

The primary teeth are the teeth that babies are born with and continue to develop in the first few years of life. Though these teeth eventually fall out to make room for permanent teeth, primary teeth serve many important purposes. Not only are they essential to a child’s physical development, but they also contribute to…

When Do Babies Get Their First Tooth?

Children will develop a set of primary teeth that last throughout early childhood. These primary teeth typically begin to emerge during the first year of life between the ages of 4 and 12 months. Their complete set of primary teeth are typically in place by age 3. Though it is impossible to answer exactly what…